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Upcoming Conference: BlockVienna | 17/08/2018 Vienna

Private Presale Is LIVE!

  • SoftCap 20M $
  • 40M $
  • 60M $
  • 80M $
  • HardCap 100M $
    156 000 $ raised
    ICO will start in: 0 days 0 hrs 0 mins 0

    UniFox is an autonomous ecosystem that implements blockchain technologies into the world economy and makes cryptocurrency accessible for ordinary people from all over the world

    Why was the UniFox created?

    We believe that blockchain technology, along with the computers and the Internet, is one of the greatest inventions in human evolution. However, even the most advanced technology will not be widely adopted until it is made easily accessible to ordinary people.

    UniFox solves this with a combination of several products that allow smooth and sustainable liquidity between cryptocurrency and local FIAT currencies. This makes our platform ecosystem versatile and effective in the new economy.

    What`s more, these products already work


    Get your own bit of virtual wealth

    FOX is a full-fledged cryptocurrency that represents virtual wealth. The reason for this is that FOX includes the greatest benefits:

    •  Own blockchain technology and wallet

    •  Security token – enables active participation
      for platform users in the entire ecosystem

    •  Utility token - The FOX token is used for paying
      blockchain fees, which supports growth of the token


    Why to buy FOX now

    UniFox board and a number of private investors have invested millions of dollars to buy FOX coins. There are also thousands of small investors that have accepted our offer.

    As soon as the products funded by the sources of these investors are implemented, these technologies will begin to be used immediately. This will drive the market price of FOX coins far above the current price.

    Total supply of coins is limited.

    buy fox tokens

    Our projects

    Growing infrastructure
    A network of ATMs, exchanges offices and
    POS terminals
    discover more
    Conduct transactions for
    both FIAT and crypto

    We have developed stable
    Unicash currency
    discover more
    Decentralized exchange

    Available worldwide from
    any currency
    discover more

    10/2016 Fabrication of a functional kiosk

    A working model of an automated payment terminal with the ability to receive and issue cash. Basic software equipment and long testing.

    4/2017 The vision of the decentralized marketplace

    A written form of the economic concept of a marketplace with blockchain features – 100% independent, decentralized, without the ability to stop transactions and 100% accessible.

    11/2017 Basic version of POS terminals

    A fully functional version of the POS terminal

    12/2017 Unicash.io and Unifox blockchain completion

    Unicash.io web page and all presentations + videos.

    Unicash cryptocurrency and Unifox blockchain basic version.

    5/2018 Whitepaper release

    Uploading of complete technical documentation to the website. Adding financial inputs and outputs – all within the whitepaper.

    25/5/2018 UniFox meeting for all investors and partners

    6/2018 Start of the presale event

    Unifox presale is going to raise 2 million dollars from private investors. The total invested value in the project will be over 9 million dollars.

    7/2018 Interconnection of all Unicash parts and launch

    Implementation of a Unicash cryptocurrency into all parts of the project and the official launch of Unicash infrastructure to the market.

    Q4/2018 ICO UniFox

    UniFox main public sale with the intent to offer users a share in the entire idea of UniFox.
    Soft Cap: 20 000 000 $
    Hard Cap: 100 000 000 $

    12/2018 UniFox Wallet Connection

    All tokens are uploaded to the UniFox blockchain wallet. Therefore, they can be freely traded.

    3/2019 Completion of the test version of the Exchange

    The launch of the first system in order to debug and improve the user-friendly environment to perfection.

    6/2019 UniFox Exchange Full Launch

    The opening of a full version of the UniFox blockchain, including the opening of the biggest exchange for the digital currency. The opening of the Exchange includes the connection of the whole infrastructure – ATMs, Exchange Offices, POS terminals.

    9/2019 Completion of Exchange hardware

    Completion of a hardware part to ensure that users can store any cryptocurrency in one wallet + the ability to trade these currencies (using the app).

    2020 Gaining a lead position as the Worldwide Exchange

    Achieving a worldwide majority in virtual exchange currencies thanks to perfect development.

    The 10% share of the global virtual currency market.

    Active founders

    Dalibor Malek

    CEO & Co-Founder

    A very innovative and visionary strategic manager with rich experience in the printing and postal industry. Co-founder of one of the world's largest network of parcel lockers EASYPACK and a unique world's first transpromo hybrid post project CROMWELL.

    Vadim Bilousov

    CTO & Co-Founder

    Developer of the Automatic bank terminals and Retail Payments Solutions with e-Kassir and Qiwi systems. Founder of the Software Company Arbitas.

    Jan Turek


    Author of the concept of Unicash.io and FOX token. Co-founder of partner online crypto/FIAT exchanger network

    Advisory Board

    Robert Breadon

    NLP Coaching, speaker
    Successful entrepreneur, dollar millionaire, investor, speaker and coach in NLP.

    Wes Carlson

    Blockchain Advisor
    Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate, Bitcoin & cryptocurrency industry. Founder of MyBitcoin Mauritius.

    Ruslan Sokolovsky

    Media Advisor
    Founder of crypto website Prometheus.ru and famous Russian video blogger.

    Ugur Ozer

    Strategic Advisor
    As an Industrial Engineer and an Master of Business Administrator in Banking and Finance, Ugur is a seasoned Financial Services and Management Consulting professional.

    Kenneth Otalor

    Marketing Advisor
    As a founder of Calero.io, Ken has become a well respected blockhain advocate, ICO advisor and investor. He possess over 15 years experience in social impact and global macro investments.

    Martin Král

    Legal Advisor
    Lawyer, international consultant for legal corporate structures and funds, international relations expert and co-founder of many successful ICO's.

    Varun Datta

    Business Advisor
    Founder & Chairman of 4NEW and Chairman of Four Seasons Limited Capital. Varun has extensive business development experience on three continents, Asia, Europe and North America. His deeply insightful perspective is grounded in sound analysis of supply chains across four industries ranging from waste, energy, healthcare to real estate.

    Saransh Sharma

    Business Advisor
    President of 4NEW & Partner to Mirach Capital Group. Saransh has deep experience and perspective ranging over 18 years in the sectors of Financial Services Healthcare, Hospitality, Real Estate, Social Media, Aviation, Environmental Services and Entertainment.

    Alexey Zhuchenko

    Technical Advisor
    More than 10 years experience in self-service terminals and vending machines development and operation. Owner of network of self-service terminals.
    Managing team

    Michal Vlasak

    Talented marketing officer with main focus on online marketing. Has helped world blockchain companies to master their token sales. Co-founder of Cryptosvet.cz

    Lukas Holas

    Business Developer
    He has experience with leading and creating offline teams. Team leader charged with the task of managing a group of Sales Managers to be as effective as possible.

    Dominik Kadaně

    Business Developer
    He has wide experience with managing managerial staff and system implementation in new branches.

    Petra Kmetova

    Head Project Manager
    Experienced Project manager with focus on optimizing processes and innovative approaches. Most projects have concerned international business development and launching new markets.

    Karol Suchánek

    IT security
    With nearly 20 years of experience, he provides a comprehensive solution to cybersecurity. He is responsible for diverse, technical and business tasks related to managing information security.

    Vladislav Pogrebnyak

    Project Manager
    Experienced Project Manager with responsibility for delivering the individual development and marketing projects on time and within the budget while remaining aligned with strategy and goals of the organization.
    Technical support

    Sergej Kravcenko

    Marketing team

    Tomáš Šklíbal

    Jan Karn

    Jan Severa

    Vanessa Guzman

    Vandres Guzman

    Martin Šilhánek

    Matyáš Douša



    Meet Unifox Team Personaly

    AUGUST 17, 2018



    AUGUST 24, 2018

    Summit blockchain


    AUGUST 28, 2018

    Blockchain summit


    OCTOBER 16, 2018

    Crypto Economy ICO 2018


    OCTOBER 18, 2018

    Blockchain summit

    San Francisco

    MAY 17, 2018

    Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference


    JUNE 11, 2018



    JULY 6, 2018

    Crypto Economy ICO 2018


    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    How to buy FOX tokens?

    It`s easy! Sign up here. In your back office create a wallet, where you will be able to hold FOX tokens. Then just send any amount to the address displayed in your back office.

    Attention! Never send money to a different address than the one you see in your back office!

    Where can I find more detailed information on how UniFox really works?

    All information that may interest those who want to invests in the FOX token can be found in the UniFox Whitepaper here.

    You can find technical information for individual parts on the DOCUMENTS page

    What makes FOX tokens valuable?

    FOX token is a share of the entire project. Therefore, its value can be considered as a digital share across the entire project.

    However, a fundamental rise in prices will occur as soon as FOX cryptocurrency starts to be used for paying blockchain fees, and all the services – the demand for the services of the company will trigger a demand for FOX cryptocurrency. This will directly cause the growth of the market price.

    What makes UniFox ICO unique?

    The FOX token, which is the unit currency of UniFox, has a real utility for paying fees for all services that the company offers through its technologies. This gives the cryptocurrency true value!

    The combination of security features and utility token with own blockchain technology is a rarity among all ICOs.

    How are coins distributed?

    The team of founders has decided to release 75% of all coins to partners.

    How to make sure that the team and all and products are real?

    It is possible to visit us and to take a look at our products personally, right in our office. If you are interested, contact our support team with this request in advance.

    Can I participate in ICO, even if I do not have any funds for buying FOX tokens?

    Yes, it is possible. ICO UniFox offers the opportunity to participate in the following programs:

    • Bounty: opportunity to get FOX tokens by promoting the project publicly
    • Airdrop: opportunity to get FOX tokens as a signup bonus
    • Affiliate program (opportunity to get tokens for direct referrals)

    All bonuses from these programs will be paid out as soon as the ICO is finished. Sign up and find out more information in your back office.